Terms & Conditions


  1. In these conditions:

“Carrier” shall mean the Company “TW Logistics” the name of which appears on the face of this document, its servants and agents.

“Sub  – Contractor” shall mean any other person, firm, company, their servants and agents, or any Government instrumentality with whom the Carrier may make any arrangements in relation to this Contract.

“Person” shall include a firm, company or corporation.

“Contract” shall mean the contract between the Carrier and the Consignor including these conditions.

  1. The      Carrier is not a Common Carrier and will accept no liability as such. All      goods or property carried or other services performed shall be subject      only to these Conditions and the Carrier reserves the right to refuse the carriage      or transport of articles for any person, firm or company, and the carriage      or transport of any class of articles at its discretion.
  2. No      responsibility will be accepted by the Carrier for any loss or      depreciation of or damage to mis-delivery or non-delivery or delay in      delivery of goods or articles in transit or in storage for any reason      whatsoever, including without limiting the foregoing, the negligence or      wilful act or default of the Carrier or any Sub-Contractor.
  3. Freight      charges shall be considered earned, whether the goods are delivered to the      Consignee or not and whether damaged or otherwise. Under no circumstances      will any payments of freight be refunded.
  4. The      Carrier may arrange with any Sub-Contractor as defined herein to undertake      the carriage or storage of goods or articles hereby contracted for and      such Sub-Contractor shall be entitled to the full benefit of these Conditions      to the same extent as the Carrier.
  5. The      Consignor will be and remains responsible to the Carrier for all its      proper charges incurred for any reason. The Contract shall be deemed to be      made at the point of despatch where all charges shall be paid free of      exchange.
  6. The      Carrier shall have a lien on any goods at the time being in the custody of      the Carrier for the freight and incidental costs and expenses associated      with this agreement in the event of payment not being made on demand the      Carrier may enforce such lien by sale of goods without further notice.
  7. All      charges are subject to surcharge or discount from time to time without      notice.
  8. Notwithstanding      anything herein contained purporting to limit or exclude the liability of      the Carrier, the Carrier shall continue to be subject to all Statutory      regulations, requirements and warranties, including implied warranties if      and to the extent that they are applicable to this Contract.
  9. When      insurance cover has been arranged by the Carrier and the Consignment has      signed an unqualified receipt, transit damage must be notified within 48      hours, otherwise claims will not be recognised.
  10. (i)      The Consignor shall not tender for carriage or storage any volatile or      explosive goods which are or may become dangerous, inflammable or      offensive (including radioactive materials) or which are or may become      liable to damage any property whatsoever without presenting a full      description disclosing the nature of such goods and in any event shall be      liable for all loss and damage caused thereby;(ii) If in the sole opinion of the Company the Consignment becomes or is liable to become of a dangerous, explosive, volatile, offensive or damaging nature the same may at any time be retained, destroyed, disposed of, abandoned or rendered harmless by the Company without compensation to the Consignor and without  prejudice to the company’s right to any charges hereunder;(iii) The Consignor warrants that it has complied with all laws and regulations relating to the nature, packaging, labelling, storage or carriage of the Consignment and that the Consignment is packed in a manner adequate to withstand the ordinary risks of storage and/or carriage having regard to it’s nature and herby indemnifies the Company for any liabilities whatsoever and for all costs and expenses as a result of or arising out of the Consignor’s failure to comply with each of these warranties.
  11. Fuel surcharge is reviewed and adjusted monthly when required
  12. Payment terms strictly 30 days from Date of Invoice



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